In a network marketing Conference the distractions it and a slew of business leaders were on stage speaking about networking marketing presents for their distributor base. Their audience demographic is composed of middle aged to individuals, a lot of whom have been with their company for years with little. They do little to nothing to alter the reach of their marketing efforts. At the very convention, the item store promotional instruments in bulk and CDs. Distributors flocked as they could squeeze in their suitcases, purchasing as promotional goods to fly market and home for acquaintances and their friends. It is a scene that has been replicated. Their earnings have declined, while many of the leaders have gone to businesses with a message networking marketing.

Talking to network hear people asking the same question over and over again? My answer to them is a resounding yes. A company that does, Nielsen Nothing but concentrate on customer buying tendencies and habits in over 100 countries, has said when making a buying decision that approximately 46 of users rely upon media. How often do you see family and your friends assessing the feedback on a business, or posting questions about buying a solution they are contemplating utilizing a service of or buying from? According to Experian, a credit and marketing reporting firm, 27 percent of total internet time is spent on social networking websites.

Social Media

So what’s the magic behind these communities’ people cannot seem to break away from? Researchers at Harvard University did several experiments seeking to answer this question, finally concluding that when someone shares information about themselves, the identical section of their brain has been used that is related to pleasure- the same pleasure we get when eating a tasty food, getting money, or even having sex. Yes, you read that right. Interacting through social media outlets and sharing our everyday, mindless customs is equal. We are given a chance by social networking to share information about ourselves and people like to talk about themselves. Which leaves us to wonder, why are many network marketing companies resistant to integrating Social Media? It appears to be the outlet for those wanting to share of the successes and with a huge audience.

Well, to understand that is further this began asking this question to and moved to my media outlet the folks in the industry working with these same companies. One of the main Things of those businesses get rid of quality control over the ‘pitch’ with media – an understandable concern. Network Marketing is an industry under a microscope tracked worse and, by the FTC, Friends and loved ones. It is an industry Minute error, hiccup, or discretion within the message. Especially it comes to wellness and health. Sure, drugs which do are sold by pharmaceutical companies who knows what and with accountability.