Down the ages, women have always Been entranced by the notion of beauty. Though there are lots of embellishments to improve the beauty of a woman, nothing compares to the traditional Indian wear that is referred to as the saree. Sarees have adorned many beautiful women and are so popular that even recognized celebrities flaunt them at global functions. Wedding is among the most important functions in a woman’s life. Nowadays, brides are eager to project a certain image on their wedding day with a complete and comprehensive planning of the attire and jewellery. The bridal saree is frequently the limelight of any wedding ceremony. Because of this, brides be careful to choose their clothes to appear gorgeous.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Sarees are an epitome of the Indian heritage and culture. The Indian markets are bombarded with many different bridal collections. These collections include countless designer clothes in the kind of bridal wear. The bridal wears can be found in an assortment of colours and intricate designs. In India, brides usually adorn pink or reddish colored sarees in their wedding. This is a traditional practice that has been followed religiously by several generations. But banarasi silk saree can be availed in different enticing color like lavender, orange, yellow, blue etc. The majority of the women like to flaunt designer sarees on wedding ceremonies and other social functions. Designer footwear and bridal sarees have been the order of the day. The designer sarees are enriched with mirror work, intricate embroidery work, rich zaris etc. These bestow an ethereal appearance to the wearer.

In India, women like to wear silk sarees which are also Offered in a huge selection of choices. In South India, a wedding ceremony generally witnesses girls flaunting beautiful silk sarees of different colours. The majority of the Indian bridal sarees are designed in lace. The Banarasi and the Kanchipuram silk sarees top among the favourite bridal sarees of Indian girls. The Mysore silk sarees, that have daring and beautiful prints, look exquisite. The Kashmiri silk sarees, which are popular because of its elegance and striking embroidery, are worn with the brides of the Marwari community. Sarees are draped in an entirely unique and different style in South India. These sarees are nine yards and their bridal collections consist of yellow and crimson colored silk sarees. In Kerala, the traditional saree comprises the rich Kadavu saree that is a cream colored saree with a golden zari work.