Complete Stagecoach Plans & Blueprints

Stagecoach Plans & BlueprintsS&R Stageworks, Inc. offers complete stagecoach plans and blueprints. Construction of such a coach will require many months of dedicated labor and an advanced knowledge of woodworking and steel fabrication. If you decide to pursue your own coach project, rest assured the plans and blueprints you receive from S&R Stageworks, Inc. will provide you a historically accurate Abbot Downing nine passenger stagecoach.

Cost is $4500.00 and includes:

  • Blueprints for both the running gear and body
  • Two (2) color photo albums showing complete construction details
  • Full-size templates of all parts
  • Complete materials and parts list (includes all steel/iron, hardwoods, upholstery, and misc. parts)
  • Instructions for painting and gold leaf techniques
  • Methods of steel fabrication, routing, joinery, and pitch and gather of wheels
  • Current wheel source, authentic hub profile (1860’s)
  • Hitch equipment construction plans for either 4 or 6 horses

S&R Stageworks, Inc. has literally spent thousands of hours painstakingly researching every stagecoach part for proper dimension and authenticity. By ordering your plans through us, you will not need to go on a research expedition to find information, because all of it has been done for you! You will save weeks, months, or even longer on your project.

Contact us or call today at 520-826-1559 to order your set of construction plans blueprints.