Stagecoach Builder Russ Tyndall

Russ Tyndall Stagecoach BuilderRuss Tyndall has been building full-size reproduction stagecoaches since 1990. Russ, who has had a fascination with these horse-drawn vehicles for many years, decided to put his affinity for them to work and subsequently formed S&R Stageworks, Inc. Created in the early 90’s, he has built and sold coaches to customers as far away as Tokyo, Japan.

Russ’ attention to detail is apparent and his skills are wide ranging. He got his start as a teenager building hot rods back in the 1950’s. Over the years he has built and restored numerous classic cars. He also worked as an artist in the graphics/display industry and has even raced cars, including Formula as well as open wheel midgets as part of USAC and the UARA of the 1970’s. Working in these trades have allowed Russ to garner decades of experience – experience necessary to produce a replica stagecoach of the highest possible caliber.

Since the formation of S&R Stageworks, Inc., several publications have written articles about him and his stagecoaches. He has even received interest from the nationally renowned, Arizona Highways. The most recent newspaper article about S&R Stageworks, Inc. appeared in the Arizona Business Gazette and can be read here.

Tyndall is married to his wife Sandy and has one grown son, Russ Jr. In addition to owning and operating S&R Stageworks, Inc., Russ is an avid horseman and also makes and sells custom boot spurs.