Stagecoach Construction Details

Stagecoach 60" Rear WheelThe 9-passenger stagecoach constructed by S&R Stageworks, Inc. is built from measurements and patterns which were taken from an original Abbot Downing coach (serial #171), built in 1864, currently located at the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson, Arizona.

The original order for this coach came from Wells, Fargo & Co. The following represents just a few of the finer details regarding construction of our stagecoaches:

  • Running Gear is comprised of laminated kiln dried red oak, completely primed with epoxy prior to assembly and paint. This includes all iron/steel work.
  • 60″ rear wheels, 44″ front wheels, all with oak hubs, truck roller bearings, and sand boxes. In addition to the hubs, the wheels are also constructed of hickory spokes, ash sawn felloes, and 1/2″ x 2″ iron tires. All wheels have correct hub profile, spoke count, and will not shrink or become loose in a low humidity climate.
  • Passenger compartment (body) consists of kiln dried clear poplar framing, top irons, front boot seat irons, front body bunters, top side oak luggage runners, rear foot rest, candle burning lamps, interior leather seating with brocade upholstered interior on all side panels and head liner.
  • All leather boots, leather side curtains, and heavy harness leather thoroughbraces with adjustable turnbuckles.
  • Hitch equipment constructed entirely of oak.
  • High-quality polyurethane paint with your choice of colors.
  • 23K gold leaf scrollwork on exterior of coach body, with your choice of scroll, artwork, or top rail lettering.